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2015 All-Star logo Revealed

Earlier this week, the 2015 All-Star logo was revealed at Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds. The logo represents the long storied history of the oldest franchise in baseball, formally the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1863. The first thing that stands out in the logo is the traditional handlebar mustache and the old square cap worn by the Red’s mascot Mr. Redleggs who made his first appearance on a Red’s uniform as a sleeve patch in 1955. This design sits atop of the classic oval-shaped “C” that has represented Cincinnati baseball for much of the teams long cherished history. A history that has produced 5 World Championships, 10 pennants, 15 playoff appearances and over 30 Hall of Famers.

The 2015 All-Star Game will be the 86th edition of the great summer classic. It was last held in the Queen City 26 years in then Riverfront Stadium. The 2015 All-Star game will be played on June 14th in Cincinnati’s new home for baseball, Great American Ball Park which has been around since 2003. There have been several improvements to the ball park since it’s inception including smoke stacks in center field that represent the tall stacks of the vessels that made their way up and down the Ohio River that is a backdrop of the stadium and a riverboat-styled deck above the batter’s eye in center field. The stadium also features a scoreboard that measures 217 feet, 9 inches wide. This makes it the sixth largest in Major League Baseball and the fifteenth largest in the United States. It is composed completely out of LED screens, is HD quality and cost the Reds $4 million to install in 2009. Plus, the city has developed the area surrounding the ball park with a wide variety of restaurants and bars called the Banks District as well as the soon to be completed Smale Riverfront Park. Cincinnati has redesigned their downtown area known as Fountain Square and redeveloped the eclectic Over-The-Rhine neighborhood to add to the national and global spotlight that the All-Star game will bring to the city. Not to mention the estimated $80-$90 million experts say will be infused into the local economy by such a magical event.

Cincinnati will be just the sixth city to host the All-Star game five or more times. Crosley was the sight of the 1938 and 1953 All-Star games while Riverfront Stadium hosted the Midsummer Classic in both 1970 and 1988. But of this year’s event, Reds CEO Bob Castellini said, “We are very proud, this is a gem event. It will be over the top, I guarantee it.” I hope so, because I will be attending.