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Baseball: More Than Just A Game

Baseball runs deep in my blood. There is just something perfect about a warm summers day and the crack of a bat. I admire all the thought and preparation that goes into every single game. Personally I feel it is the smartest, most dynamic sport there is. Baseball teaches you patience, it teaches you how to read people and how to understand something complex. It will force you ask questions and think before you act. It gives you the opportunity to change a situation just by playing it smart. It always amazes me how pitchers can find themselves in a huge jam, one bad pitch away from losing the lead, or one good pitch away from forcing the double play. Even how a coach can use statistics of a batter against him. How a single shift or high fast ball can completely change the outcome of the game these small little marginal differences can make all the difference in a game.  Baseball is real, it is pure, it demands respect and thought. But these are not the reasons why I initially fell in love with baseball. no, these reasons came over time. I fell in love with baseball when I was 7 years old.

Growing up my parents rented a house and I became best friends with my landlord, lets just call her Betty. Betty was a sixty-something year old woman who spent most of her time in her garden. If it was a weekend afternoon and the Blue Jays were playing you better believe she was listening to the game on the radio. Most of my memories of Betty have the Jays mixed in there somewhere. Whether it was her Blue Jay playing cards or her Blue Jay themed plates and cups, there was just something special about this team to me . Special is the only word I can use to describe the feeling and I still feel it does not do it justice. Anyways, I played softball for 4 years as well and for me it was always something I loved doing. I was not the best player on the team, not even close, but it didn’t matter  because of how it made me feel. That special, pure feeling I got every time I took a swing. Which leads me to my final point.

I wish to use Baseball Babble to express my feelings about this amazing game but I promise to bring more meat in the future. I want to relay that special feeling the game gives me to readers who feel the same way. For my first post I wanted to provide a background of myself and why I love this beautiful game so much. For my contribution I want to focus on the lighter side, providing fun stories of courage and how they relate to baseball.I want to encourage readers to  make a difference in their lives and others lives around them.  I wish to provide tools to make to make this possible. Very excited and looking forward to the opportunity to write about a subject I am so passionate about. Many baseball players are very actively involved in helping people. Call it PR, call it whatever you want, but I see it as good and wish to share their stories. Thank your for reading this post and I look forward to our relationship.