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The Batting Order – Jimmy Rollins, Jose Iglesias and Manny Ramirez

A look around Major League Baseball at some of the interesting stories from last week.


#1 3B – CBS Sports: Mike Axisa reports that Manny Ramirez is once again trying to comeback, despite having twice been caught of using performance enhancing drugs and leaving the league on less than ideal circumstances in 2011.

#2 1B – SB Nation: Thanks to Marc Normandin for this sweet look at nature taking over the ballpark. Side note: What does that umpire think he will accomplish with just one little can of pesticide?

#3 DH – Yahoo!: Ben Walker takes a look at the stress fractures found in both of Jose Iglesias shins, which could cause him to miss the entire 2014 season. Stress fractures are not the sort of injury a player can play through, something Basketball fans (specifically Portland Trailblazer fans) are painfully aware of. You cannot just “play through the pain” of a fractured shin.

#4 RF Detroit Free Press: And without Iglesias, what can Detroit do about their hole at shortstop? Jamie Samuelsen reviews the options available to Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski.

#5 SS – FanIQ & FanSided: The Jimmy Rollins situation in Philadelphia is coming to a head. Pat from FanIQ thinks that Philadelphia is considering shipping the veteran shortstop out of town, but Bryan Rose explains why that might not be as easy as the Phillies would like.

#6 CF – ABC: As Nick Walshaw explains, preparations for the Diamondbacks-Dodgers Down-Under series are underway, and Australians are deciding whether or not to embrace baseball. Does Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero’s explanation of the ‘rules when playing the Dodgers’ help or hurt MLBs effort to sell the game to the average Aussie sports fans? If this is any indication, comments like these can be a big selling point.

#7 2B – ThePostGame: What happens when a grown man and a little girl both try to position themselves to catch a home run? And they say chivalry is dead…

#8 RF – Bleacher Report: Noting that pitching injuries have not decreased since teams starting instituting pitch count limits in spring training, Will Carroll looks at alternative ways for teams to try and protect pitchers from injury.

#9 C – SB Nation: After Tampa Bay locked up James Loney to an uncharacteristic 21 million over three years, Grant Brisbee wonders how today’s first base talent stack-up historically.

This Day in Baseball History: 2008: Boston Red Sox players vote to boycott the final exhibition game of spring training and season opener in Japan in an attempt to secure the same travel payment for the coaching staff during the overseas exhibition as received by the players. The boycott ends when MLB and the Red Sox organization agree to pay the coaching staff the same travel allowance as the players.