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The Batting Order – Jose Fernandez, Suk-Min Yoon and Salvador Perez

A look around Major League Baseball and those interesting stories that don’t always get national coverage.

#1 LF – Sun Sentinel: NL Rookie of the year by summer, aspiring Tour De France competitor by winter; Craig Davis talks with Jose Fernandez about taking his off-season training to the next level.

#2 3B – Bleecher Report: Ubaldo Jimenez might be the signing everyone is talking about in Baltimore, but Korean Import Suk-Min Yoon is the pitcher to watch. Mike Rosenbaum takes a look at Yoon’s pitching style and debates how it will translate in the powerful AL East.

#3 SS – Huston Chronicle: This was a bad week for spring training injuries. Andrew Seligman reports that Mark Mulder’s comeback attempts is over after a blown Achillies Tendon, bringing an end to what could have been the feel good story of the year. Unfortunately, Mulder wasn’t the only long shot story cut short this week as Mat Gamel went down with yet another serious right knee injury.

#4 DH – Seattle Pi:  Speaking of injuries, what is going on with Franklin Gutierrez? He missed half of 2011, and all but 59 games, between 2012 and 2013 combined. Nick Eaton explains why Gutierrez may never play baseball again and how that could be good for the Seattle Mariners.

#5 1B – SB Nation: The Padres are bringing iBeacon technology to Petco Park, but what type of information are they looking to collect?

#6 CF – MLBblogs: Jason Beck captures a playful session between Cy Young winner Max Scherzer and his catcher Alex Avila as they prepare for the 2014 season.

#7 C – Rantsports: After a dismal 2013, the Twins have a bright spot in Brian Dozier to look forward to in 2014. Taylor Henrichs looks back at what made Dozier so successful in the second half of 2013, and why that should continue in 2014.

#8 CF – MLB Trade Rumors: As reported by Tim Dierkes, the Colorado Rockies have taken a hard-line approach to negotiating pre-arbitration contracts.

#9 RF – Kansas City Star: Andy McCullough looks what Salvador Perez means to the Kansas City Royals. The Royals plan to protect their young all-star brings new meaning to the saying ‘better safe than sorry’. Perez on his expectations for the 2014 season: “I just want to be safe… That’s why I talk to God every night. Just keep me safe. I would like to do the best I can do in the game. Just let me be safe.”


This Day in Baseball History: Feb 19, 1983: Fernando Valenzuela becomes the first player in MLB history to be awarded 1 million dollars via the arbitration process. History doesn’t appropriately remember just how good Fernando was, but luckily ESPN’s acclaimed 30 for 30 season does;




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