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The Batting Order – Jose Reyes, Carlos Santana and Ichiro Suzuki

A look around the major leagues at some of the more interesting stories from the past week. Here is your batting order!


#1 1B – MLBTradeRumors – Zach Links takes a look at the qualifying offer process with opinion from both a players and a team management. One unnamed team executive quipped: “People keep talking about unintended consequences with the new system and I don’t think they’re unintended at all. I don’t understand why anyone went into the current system thinking there weren’t going to be lags in the market or thinking that teams wouldn’t give second thought to [second tier] free agents.


#2 – CF – CBS – Elite Catchers are hard to find. Apparently Carlos Santana’s days as the catcher for the Cleveland Indians are over, and he’s not going to play first base either. According to Mike Axisa, Santana is scheduled to start this season at third base. Anyone playing Fantasy Baseball take note: This triple position eligibility will make Santana the most valuable catcher in Fantasy Baseball.


#3 2B – SB Nation – Why do the baseball gods hate the Texas Rangers? Grant Brisbee has an entertaining review of all the injuries plaguing the Rangers as the 2014 season gets ready for opening day.


#4 3B – National Post – Speaking of bad omens: John Lott reports that Jose Reyes is out with a “minor hamstring injury”. Unfortunately, Reyes has a history of minor injuries that have turned out to be more serious than first reported.


#5 RF – Couriermail – Ben Horne with a recap of the Dodgers-Diamandbacks extravaganza in Sydney. What did Australians love most about Major League Baseball? Foul Balls, foul balls, foul balls.


#6 C – ESPN – Perhaps the Marlins have their priorities mixed up? Once again Miami’s brain trust is giving ailing Marlin fans a reason to be nervous. While most teams are asking “how can we perform better on the field”, Miami team President David Samson is asking “How can we end games fast enough to keep younger fans engaged”. I don’t think any amount of fast losses is going to keep the younger generation glued to their seats in Miami this year. Or better yet… what could be faster than a forfeit?


#7 SS – Rantsports – Christopher Raimondi on the dilemma facing the Yankees and Ichiro Suzuki. Even with Ichiro slated to be the fourth option in the outfield this year, Raimondi sees lots of reasons for the Yankees to hold off on shipping Ichiro out of town.


#8 LF – FoxSports – Who says managers can have a little fun at the expense of their players? Thanks to Tyler Mason for this look at Twins manager Ron Gardenhire strong arming Mike Pelfrey into offering up some words of encouragement to his alma mater.


#9 P – BleacherReport – R. Cory Smith on the bad news for the San Diego Padres and their high risk, high reward investment in former ace Josh Johnson. It looks like Johnson will be out at least a month with a forearm flexor strain.


Misplay of the Week: Thank-you to Darnell McDonald