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Indians: Terry Francona too Calm?

The Cleveland Indians have had an up and down first few months of the season. As of the writing of this article they are 41-43 and 8 games back of the Detroit Tigers. They have a 18-28 road record,  have had a number of injuries and have had lengthy winning and losing streaks.

Yet through it all manager Terry Francona has stayed positive. In fact he was asked earlier this month why in fact he is always so positive. He replied, “You can yell and scream, or you can choose to believe in your guys. I believe in my guys. I believe in this team.” But, as nice and inspirational as that sounds. Is that what you want the head coach of your team saying? Do you want the leader of your team to essentially say that he does not raise his voice to people because he believes in them?

Haven’t we all seen that parent with their kid in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. The parent says, “No Tommy we are not buying any cereal today.” To which the child defiantly grabs the box of cereal off the shelf and clutches it. The parent, staying calm and even keel says, “no,” and gently grabs the box of cereal and places it back on the shelf. This exchange goes on for a couple of minutes until the still calm parent eventually gives in and allows the child to get what he wants.

I do not know Terry Francona, nor have I ever met him. But in my opinion sometimes in life, when you are a leader you have to yell and scream, believing is not enough. Give me your opinion and tell me what you believe?