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Just do a Cespedes

Attention all major league players, please take note of what Yoenis Cespedes did in Cincinnati on Tuesday night!

When someone pitches inside to you stop whining and crying about the pitch. Stop pointing the bat at the mound or dropping the bat and running to the mound. In fact don’t say a word, just stare the pitcher down for a few seconds and get back into the box. Then, on the next pitch get your revenge as you hit the ball over the 404 foot sign in straight away center field. Which by the way, gives your team the lead and leads to your team winning the game. Just do a Cespedes.

That was exactly what Yoenis Cespedes did to Red’s reliever Jonathan Broxton on Tuesday night. Broxton threw a ball up and in toward his head. Cespedes simply backed out of the box as the crowd responded with a collective exhale. He gave Broxton a stare down as he adjusted his batting gloves and simply dug back in and got back into the box. Then on the next pitch, he deposited a fastball over the plate, over the fence in straight away center field. He did not stare at the ball as it sailed over the fence. He did not hop after he hit, he did not toss his bat, he did not take a leisurely stroll around the bases. In doing that he made every highlight reel that night, for doing the right thing and acting the right way.

MLB needs to record this at bat and make it a training video for every major leaguer to see every spring training and title it just do a Cespedes.