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A Major League Engagement

As I write this article, I am a very proud father. My daughter was proposed to by her boyfriend this past weekend. Our family and the future grooms’ family are both big baseball fans, so where else would you pop the question at than Chase Field?

If you or someone you love is planning an engagement before the end of the baseball season, then your closest ballpark is a great choice. They started out by allowing the happy couple to go onto the field before the game during the home teams batting practice. While there, they got to interact with some of the players and Paul Goldschmidt, my daughters favorite Diamondbacks player, came over to them took a picture and signed their ticket. They were on cloud nine from the beginning, as both families got to watch from a distance.

Then in the fourth inning they put a special message from him to her on the board as the public address announcer read it for all 30,000 in attendance to hear as he got down on one knee right there in the stands. It was then followed up by the camera crew from Fox Sports Arizona filming the “crazy kids,” as Diamondbacks broadcaster Steve Berthiaume dubbed them, to bring the viewers back from commercial at the bottom of the 6th inning. The package we choose also included a keepsake picture of the message on the video board and a picture of them on the field as well as a set amount of tickets for family and friends all at a group discounted price.

A quick search of different major league ballparks told me that most MLB ballparks have some sort of engagement and or wedding packages available for their fans. If you do not see a package on your favorite teams website call and talk to a salesperson in the sales department and I am sure they will direct you to the correct place. I guarantee if you are a baseball fan, the event will be a home run.