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Mammoth Off-season Contracts

Two mammoth off-season contracts were handed out prior to the 2014 major league baseball season. One was to second baseman Robinson Cano who signed a 10 year $240 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners. The other was to Dodger ace starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw for 7 years and $214 million dollars. With these two high dollar contracts being signed this winter I thought it would be interesting to see where these two deals ranked in baseball history according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts. In my analysis I looked and ranked both contracts in two separate yet equally important money categories; by total overall contract dollars and by the value of the contract per year.

Total Overall Contract Dollars

Player Name                                    Salary                              Years

Alex Rodriguez                                  $275 million                       2008-17

Alex Rodriguez                                  $252 million                       2001-10

Albert Pujols                                     $240 million                       2012-21

Robinson Cano                                  $240 million                       2014-23

Joey Votto                                        $225 million                       2014-23

Clayton Kershaw                               $215 million                       2014-20

Prince Fielder                                   $214 million                       2012-20

Derek Jeter                                      $189 million                       2001-10

Joe Mauer                                        $184 million                       2011-18

Mark Teixeira                                    $180 million                       2009-16

Justin Verlander                                $180 million                       2013-19

Felix Hernandez                                $175 million                       2013-19

Average Annual Value

Player Name                                    Salary                                 Years

Clayton Kershaw                               $30.7 million                        2014-20

Roger Clemens                                 $28 million                           2007

Alex Rodriguez                                 $27.5 million                        2008-17

Justin Verlander                               $25.7 million                        2013-19

Alex Rodriguez                                 $25.2 million                        2001-10

Ryan Howard                                    $25 million                          2012-16

Josh Hamilton                                  $25 million                          2013-17

Felix Hernandez                               $25 million                          2013-19

Zack Greinke                                   $24.5 million                        2013-18

C.C. Sabathia                                  $24.4 million                        2012-16

Cliff Lee, Albert Pujois, Cole Hamels and Robinson Cano are all making $24 million


Kershaw is now #1 in average annual value, yet is sixth in total overall contract dollars. Robinson Cano is tied for third in overall contract dollars yet is tied for 8th in average annual value. I also want to point out two additional facts about this list; there are 10 position players and eight different pitchers in these two charts. And lastly 6 of the 18 people listed are either current or former Yankees.