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It is Official, Mark McGwire is a Hypocrite

Mark McGwire told ESPN Los Angeles, “It’s too late, I don’t care to ever speak to him again. What he did was wrong.” So because of that, Mark McGwire will not accept Jose Canseco’s apology and forgive him. McGwire’s feelings stem from his 2005 book about baseball and steroids entitled Juiced.

Does anyone but me find this totally hypocritical? McGwire lied and said that he did not take steroids. He cried on Capital Hill saying he was not there to talk about the past and therefore did not want to incriminate anyone as he wiped away big gorilla tears from his cheeks.

But, come to find out later, McGwire did indeed take steroids. Then, he asked for our forgiveness as he again cried on national television. Even if you or I did not forgive him, baseball forgave him. Therefore, he is now allowed by baseball to be employed for the exact thing he lied and cheated about…..hitting. He is currently the hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He disgraced the sport, lied about it, asked for forgiveness, and now is getting paid to teach what he lied about to other baseball players. Yet he won’t forgive Canseco.

Canseco did not lie. He just told the ugly truth. He did profit from the book, but what was in the book was factual and would eventually at least somewhat be proven to be fact. Nevertheless, McGwire will not accept his apology for profiting from the truth, about McGwire taking steroids, which he eventually admitted to anyway.

Mark McGwire expects us as fans to forgive him for tainting the game we love. Yet he refuses to forgive Jose Canseco for telling the truth to the world, despite the fact that the truth was ugly. It’s official, Mark McGwire is a hypocrite, and because I put it in writing he will never forgive me for it.