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Pirates Spring Training

As another spring training camp hits a full stride, we as Pittsburgh Pirates fans are set to wonder…will this finally be the year we break the walls down?

Over the past three seasons we have been faced with some devastating defeats in the NL Wildcard games and the NLDS. The recent defeats though, were much better than the years of non contention. As a yinzer in the burgh, the only thing summer baseball meant was the Steelers would be opening camp up in Latrobe, or as the Pirates’ season was starting, the Penguins would be gearing up for the playoffs. However, in dramatic fashion, the last three years have turned this football and hockey town upside down. We have become what we always were…baseball fans. And not just swing by night fans. We found all our old Bucco’s gear, and night after night we were donning it to remind everyone how much we loved a product that finally started to give back to the fans with wins.

The 2016 Pittsburgh Pirates have some characters at spring training. We have a pitcher who feels he has over performed his contract, and an infielder who appears to be on the cusp of a very dramatic early return. We have a former MVP outfielder saying all the appropriate things, but we all know his contract being there is what draws the national attention. The Pittsburgh Pirates have an opportunity this season with many more national televised games to showcase these characters. Is another playoff type season in the cards? For the 2016 Pittsburgh Pirates that still remains to be seen.

Though as fans, I think we need to recognize just how amazingly difficult it would be to appear in the MLB postseason four straight years. Make sure you all come back to the blog on Friday for a complete positional breakdown and analysis of the 2016 Pittsburgh Pirates.