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We’ll Never Be Royals

A 16 year old female from New Zealand who burst onto the music scene in mid 2013 with inaugural song, Royals! Now people who are not fans will sit here and say, that song is about actual royalty. However, they are wrong.
Lorde, recently stated that she saw a picture of Mr Royal, George Brett a few years ago. He was dressed in a brand new three-piece suit, an off the lot Mercedes; drinking champagne and sparing no expense. Then coined the saying, “We’ll never be Royals”.

It makes you think what life would be like to be a professional baseball player that knowing in 10 days you’re going to work and leave behind your families and friends to chase your dream of winning a World Series ring. They are compensated in amounts you and I can only dream of. Just the thrill would be great. The room service, the late night plane rides and spending everyday in a baseball park.

In 2013, Kansas city’s boys in blue turned some heads. With key additions of Infante, Vargas and some much-needed bullpen help, can the Royals become contenders with the boys from the motor city? Only time will tell. All I know is there is 10 days left until pitchers and catchers report. So let’s all live like Royals!