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Five Spring Training Diamondback Questions

5) Will Archie Bradley make the roster out of spring training?

4) Will Patrick Corbin become a #1, #2, or #3 starter?

3) Who wins the shortstop job Didi Gregorius or Chris Owings?

2) Where does Cody Ross fit on this team?

1) Can Mark Trumbo be an adequate left fielder?


5) The short answer is no. The rotation will include locks Patrick Corbin, Wade Miley, Brandon McCarthy, Trevor Cahill and newly acquired Bronson Arroyo. Randall Delgado will more than likely make the roster as a reliever and may actually get a spot start if one of the aforementioned starting five has a short-term injury. If one of the starting five has a string of ineffectiveness, it will be tempting to bring Bradley up. What would make that decision even harder is that when they decide to bring Bradley up to the majors, he will likely be in the majors to stay.

4) I believe that Patrick Corbin will develop into a solid #2 starter. But the question is, will he be thrust into a #1 starter role? This could be a disaster for a player of his young age (24 years old).  In my opinion, I do not believe he is prepared to consistently face the opponents top starters. Let’s not forget that he only has one full season of major league experience under his belt.

3) This will be an interesting battle all through the spring. I think the lesser skill of each is what will ultimately decide who gets the full-time job. If Didi hits well, say .260 for the spring, I think the job will be his.  Combine decent plate appearances with his excellent defense and you have a starter. On the other hand, if Chris makes some sparkling highlight reel plays in the field then he will win the job because it is widely known he can hit.  It comes down to the least glaring weakness.

2) I have heard rumours that Cody has aspirations of becoming the comeback player of the year.  Great.  You want all your players to think that way. Unfortunately, I think that in the minds of the Diamondback’s front office his is the fourth outfielder.  A part-time player is not going to win comeback player. Gerardo Parra is going to start in right, A.J. Pollock in center and Mark Trumbo in left.  Honestly, he is lucky that Adam Eaton was included in the trade or Ross may have been the fifth outfielder. Ross is coming back from hip surgery so  how quickly his body recovers and responds to the treatment, coupled with some good at bats could result in more playing time.

1) Only time will tell. I do not worry about him at Chase Field, I worry about him in all the other parks.  My biggest concern is that his constant work in the outfield may grow into frustration and that frustration may take away from what he does best, which is hit. If you have a below average fielder who is now hitting .220 with only 15 doubles 25 home runs and 75 RBI’s you are in trouble. The Diamondbacks already have that person as referred to in question 2.

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  1. Joe V Joe V February 28, 2014

    I think Mark Trumbo is terribly underrated. The guy can straight up smash a baseball. He could hit 40 dingers at Chase Field. I think we will serviceable in left field. He is just a guy who needs to be in the lineup everyday and can also give some flexibility to spell Goldy at first or play third after a double switch.

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