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Five Spring Training Questions for the Padres

5) Will Shortstop Everth Cabrera be the much needed spark to jumpstart their offence?

4) Who is really going to close for the Fryers?

3) Will Josh Johnson become the staff ace?

2) Will Cameron Maybin be fully recovered from his injury?

1) What should the Padres do with Chase Headly?


5) Last year Padres Short Stop Evereth Cabrera was well on his way. In only 95 games he had 37 steals along with 41 walks and 69 strikeouts while maintaining a .283 batting average and a .381 slugging percentage. The only negative was the fact that he was suspended for 50 games for his involvement in the biogenesis drug scandal. But, if he can put up those type of numbers for a complete year and stay with the team, then I belive the Padres have their leadoff hitter for years to come.

4) They have Huston Street and they signed Joaquin Benoit to a two year contract worth $15.5 million –  a lot for a set-up man. Street is not durable, but he is effective. I predict that Street will be hurt again and Benoit will be the closer before the All-Star break. Street is in the last year of his contract with a team option for next year. Benoit was signed as insurance for this year as well as the closer for next year regardless.

3) The Padres hope so, and if he can, he may be able to add some stability to a young starting pitching staff. Plus they traded for Ian Kennedy last year, and he was much better the second half of the year. Between the two of them they could either give the Padres a real shot in the arm, or a devastating shot in the foot.

2) Personally, I really hope so. I met him and talked with him on two separate occasions, I like it when nice guys succeed. Last year the Padres used him as their “face” of the franchise player. He is a true five tool player and the Padres signed him to a team friendly 5 year $25 million dollar contract that runs through 2016.  Let’s not forget he is only 26 years old.  If he could get back to his 2011 numbers where he had 82 runs 136 hits 24 doubles and 40 stolen bases he could be the ideal #2 hitter in this improving Padre’s line-up.

1) This is easy, trade him. He had one monster year (I hate to say it but P.E.D.’s?) and he wants to be paid like he has had a monster career.   In a recent episode of Clubhouse Confidential, featured on the MLB Network , Padres General Manager was (roughly) quoted saying, “we would like to sign him long term, but we are progressing as though this is his last year with the Padres.” I predict they will trade him at this years trade deadline. The Yankees may even bite on him.


  1. JesseH JesseH March 14, 2014

    What evidence supports Headly using PED’s? Should we just assume any player that has a one great year is a juicer?

    • Michael Ballentine Michael Ballentine March 14, 2014

      When a player has one season that is much better than any of his other seasons it does raise a red flag. If he has a good month within a season he can just be seeing the ball well or something like that. But an entire season that does not match his other seasons makes me wonder.

  2. Jesse Jesse March 14, 2014

    I just don’t think it’s fair to the player to slander him without a shred of evidence. His ops+ went from 120 to 145 to 116. It’s not that dramatic of a change. Hopefully he doesn’t go all Albert Pujols and sue you… lol. He hit 31 Home runs, not 54…

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