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There is no “State of the Franchise” – Blue Jays

Last night the media and season ticket holders were welcomed to Rogers Centre for the annual State of the Franchise address. This gives season ticket holders a chance to ask the tough questions about the current state of Blue Jays Franchise. The cast at hand to answer these questions were Manager John Gibbons, GM Alex Anthopoulos, President Paul Beeston & TV Analyst Buck Martinez moderated the “discussion”.

To make this event less enjoyable questions were submitted 1 week prior to the event that way selected questions could be properly answered/ filtered. As the event went on it was easy to see that these questions were carefully selected to try to ease fans about the 2013 failed season and boost confidence in them for 2014 but ultimately not answer any of the hard questions. Maybe like, “Hey Beeston a few years ago you said the Jays will make the playoffs 3/5 times over the next 5 years, so far you are 0/2 how do you feel about then next 3 years?” I am amazed they did not insert that question as you know tons of people submitted it, you can not promise your fans playoffs and then not even come close, not to mention how it recently has been suggested the next 5 years are the “new” window? Or maybe a question like, “The Blue Jays have failed to develop any home-grown high talent players since like Roy Halladay and he just retired, how do you plan on fixing player development?” Also if they answered with names like Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarncion that is just some smoke and mirrors to make you forget your original question.

No instead we learned that grass should show up around 2018 once the Argos finally move out, that AA believes in the “5 year max” contracts still as they feel it has not caused them to miss any FA’s and also that apparently the team wants to convince fans JA Happ is a solid pitcher (he was praised like 5 times, or 2-3 who knows but it was excessive). Outside of that you missed nothing.

Maybe except that this is a lost franchise who wants to be competitive, believes they are competitive but can not keep up with the likes of the Red Sox & Yankees in spending. Or the can not draft/develop like the Rays which leaves them without an identity. AA originally promised a team modeled after the Rays type but with the power to spend money when needed, it’s a beautiful idea but so far it has failed miserably. 2014 if a crucial year for the Blue Jays, if this team fails to rebound and win then the organization can not push the “this team is built to win” rhetoric and something will have to be done to right the ship or blow it up. AA’s job is on the line in 2014 and if they lose again it might be blown up and he will not be the guy rebuilding it back. Then we will have 5 years talking about the “amazing” prospects they got for Bautista and Encarnacion only to finish in a distant 4th or 5th place. Something has to change, this team needs a real identity and fast!

Here the video for those inclined to hear some well answered questions that mean almost nothing or maybe you really want to hear more about grass.