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The Batting Order – Yan Gomes, Dave Parker and Brandon Backe

A look around the major leagues at some of the more interesting stories from the past week. Here is The Batting Order!


#1 DH Injuries Everywhere – Pitchers continue to fall like flies over the last week. Bobby Parnell, Clayton Kershaw, Yu Darvish, Doug Fister, and Tim Lincecum are only the most recent one. It has been a crazy first week of the season!

#2 SS National Post – As seen in last week’s Batting Order brought up in last week’s Batting Order, maybe that insignificant strain on Jose Reyes’ hamstring is more significant than was originally suggested. John Lott captures the mood of Blue Jays fans after a season opener that brings back memories of a disastrous 2013.

#3 1B Bloomberg – As Mason Levinston reports, it was a very sad sight in Los Angeles when Angels’ hitting coach Don Baylor broke his femur during the ceremonial first pitch at the season opener. A ceremonial first pitch is supposed to be a feel good moment before a game. It is never supposed to end like this.

#4 3B SFGate – After a dreadful 2013 season, Joe Blanton is back where he started his career. Susan Slusser looks at what A’s fans can expect from the veteran pitcher this season.

#5 CF Bleecher Report – Thanks to Mike Bass for the look at the twists and turns in the life of Dave Parker; Baseball’s first million dollar player. Bass on Parker: “Parker had a Marvel quality to him. He was 6’5″, 230 pounds. A phenomenon. In the minor leagues, legend has it, he hit a ball in West Virginia that was picked up some 150 miles later after it landed in a coal car that finally stopped in Columbus, Ohio. With the Pirates one year, he knocked the cover off a ball. Literally.”

#6 RF LA Times – Dodgers games are getting blacked out in Los Angeles, and fans are none too pleased about it. As Steve Dilbeck reports, even legendary announcer Vin Scully cannot watch Dodgers games from home during his days off.

#7 2B MLB – Jordan Bastian explains how Yan Gomes earned the largest contract by a catcher MLB history during his pre-arbitration years. Excerpt: “It has been a running joke between Yan Gomes and Mike Aviles since the Indians acquired the pair from the Blue Jays prior to last season. Both players joke that they were the main piece in the trade and the other guy was simply tossed in.” Blue Jays fans are probably kicking themselves right now wondering how nice it would be to have Yan Gomes behind the plate.

#8  C Yahoo! – Times are tough for a Brandon Backe. David Brow explains why the former pitcher is suing the Galveston Police department for $12 to $15 million in damages.

#9 LF Hardballtalk: Thanks to Matthew Pouliot for a summary of the instant replay scandal that took over the Giants-Diamondbacks game on Tuesday and to Craig Calcaterra for his observations for what this means to baseball managers thinking about challenging a call mid game.


Misquote of the Week: This comes courtesy of Mike Oz at Yahoo! Mike Francesca, a New York Sports Talk Show host, gives his take on the Met’s Daniel Murphy taking three days paternity leave for the birth of his first-born child. “I don’t know why you need three days off, I’m going to be honest. You see the birth and you get back. What do you do in the first couple days? Maybe you take care of the other kids. Well, you gotta have someone to do that if you’re a Major League Baseball player. I’m sorry, but you do … Your wife doesn’t need your help the first couple days, you know that.”

Clearly this asinine response comes from a different era. When his children were born, I presume Mike Francesca was out with the rest of the men pulling down a large dangerous animal… Otherwise this response is just pure ignorance.