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The Batting Order – Allen Craig, Emilo Bonifacio and Yordano Ventura

A look around the major leagues at some of the more interesting stories from the past week. Here is The Batting Order!

#1 SS FiveThirtyEight – Who is the ‘toolsiest’ player of them all? Jeff Sullivan looks for the most well-rounded player in baseball.

#2 2B Grantland – Two weeks into the season, means it’s time for someone to put together a hilarious list of awards winners. Michael Bauman gives us a look at what the league awards handouts would look like if they were handed out on April 8th.

#3 LF FoxSports – Ken Rosenthal reports that not only had several Blue Jays players agreed to defer their salaries in an attempt to make room for the Blue Jays to sign Ervin Santana, but the MLB Players Association had already signed off on it.

#4 1B ESPN –  As discussed in a previous The Batting Order, Emilio Bonifacio has found a new home, and is off to a fantastic start. But how did he end up with the Cubs? Jesse Rogers takes a look at why the Cubs were able to make themselves as the right team for Bonifacio.

#5 CF SportsDay – Evan Grant reviews the most recent instant replay to cause a stir for the Texas Rangers. Maybe this is what we should expect from instant replay, or maybe this is what we should expect from Ron Washington?

#6 3B SB Nation: Seth Kolloen takes a look at the Seattle Mariners and their success at drafting and developing starting pitchers. It isn’t a coincidence that of the five players in Seattle’s starting line-up, four were also drafted by the club.

#7 RF Fansided: Is Milwaukee taking a serious look at Kendrys Morales? Andrew Vrchota has his doubts. Excerpt:”…  [T]he Brewers don’t seem to be settled at firstbase and could look to bring in Kendrys. However, since the Brewers gave up last year’s first round pick for Kyle Lohse, I’m skeptical at how serious the Brewers are in Morales.”

#8 C Bleacher Report: Mike Rosenbaum looks at Royals pitching sensation Yordano Ventura. Excerpt:  “With Ventura’s electric fastball-changeup combination, he doesn’t always need to have an effective third pitch in a given start. The elite velocity on Ventura’s fastball allows him to consistently avoid barrels, even when he’s pitching behind in the count or catches too much of the plate.”

#9 P RantSports: Todd Bennett brings up the topic that has bothered St. Louis Cardinal fans everywhere; Why isn’t Allen Craig hitting?