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Wednesday Fantasy Baseball Report

If you play fantasy baseball to actually win, as I do then you look for advantages ahead of time. The information contained in this weekly fantasy article will look at players you should put on your watch lists or keep an eye on to possibly add to your active rosters.

This week we will look at two players who are soon coming off the DL and should be able to immediately pay dividends to your fantasy roster. One will help you with your pitching, while the other will help you with your hitting categories. The first player is Mat Latos, he has been in the big leagues for five years, in three of those years he has won 14 games and has averaged over 210 innings pitched per year with 195 strikes outs per season. So despite his injuries this year, he has proven to be a durable, winning, strike thrower over his career. Pick him up, especially if you have an open DL spot. By all reports it looks as if he will make his season debut on Saturday against his division foe the Milwaukee Brewers.

The second player to watch is Los Angeles Dodger catcher A.J. Ellis. Although his stats are not eye-popping, he has two distinct advantages. One, he is on the $300 million plus payroll L.A. Dodgers and second, he is their best option by far at catcher both offensively and defensively so he will get the bulk of the playing time. Don Mattingly said in an interview earlier in the week that his activation from the DL could come “any day now,” so keep a close watch on him as the catching field this year is depleted especially with the slumping of Indians catcher Carlos Santana. As of the writing of this article only one catcher has double-digit home runs (Evan Gattis) and only one has more than 30 RBI’s (Miguel Montero).